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Hi watchers!

A long needed update here! 
I am currently studying MA Concept Art for Games and Animation.
I should now be back on the deviantart scene a bit more but you can find more updated work on my blog:…
and I've recently launched my updated website: (will soon change to

Currently open for new commissions and projects.

Please email me at:  for more information

You can find more up to date work here on my blogspot:…
Includes concept art work

Katie Alexander
Been a good year of "what the fuck do I do with my life."

Moved house 4 times in the last 12 months

Worked at the Olympics and fell for a guy and his cheesy attempts at trying to woo me

Got a Siberian Husky puppy called Nanook who is pretty much dire wolf sized now at around a year and a half

Currently living in North London

I am about to start working at a chocolatiers

That's all for now! New artwork to come soon :)
Please help by signing this petition to save the rescued Thai Wildlife from government officials.…

This affects the Elephant nature park in Chang Mai I worked at last Summer. They have arrested the founder (Lek) of the park under false allegations of her elephants being taken from the wild. The Elephant nature park was raided by 100 government officials who ignore the evidence presented that there is absolutely nothing illegal going on in the park. This is happening all around Thailand!

less than 300 signatures to go!! please repost this <3……

written by: :iconvaugnard:
Cover Illustrated by me! :)

I'm currently reading this book on my kindle and it's great!! recommending it to everyone here on deviantart! If sales go well then i'll hopefully be selling copies at London events :)
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Recently booked an 8 week online course with Senior Concept artist from Sony Santa Monica Studio. Start next month but for now i'm working on commissions and my portfolio.


1.   Vaugnard - Novel Cover - Painting

2.   dsmith93 - Tattoo Design - Shading

3.   home: - Architecture company

4.   home: - Tattoo (ankle)


Please contact me via note for information on commissions/ freelance work.

Love you all watchers! Keep up the great art as always!
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40,000th pageview caught by :iconfireangel96: !! congrats

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printscreen my 40,000th pageview and i shall feature you here :D
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todaaaaaay :D
and first thing i did on my birthday was write an essay! :thumbsup:
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Got A* and A in my A-levels for Art & Design :D wooooooo!!!!
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This Saturday Anime League Club London will be holding an event at the London Metropolitan University.
I will be selling artwork at this event as well as holding a workshop on how to draw realistic eyes which is at 4pm.

Anyone who's interested visit… for more information.

other artists who'll be selling artwork on the day include: nipponaisuki who i'm sure many of you have met at the London expo, DestinyBlue :icondestinyblue:, chibi-friends, gashu-group ,  Shobocorp :iconsombrewood:, the lovely kairi-moon :iconkairi-moon: who i worked alongside at the Japanese Arts festival and finally cartoon figure drawing…

London Metropolitiain University
166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

For more information on how to get there please visit…
all other information about the event can be found on the website :)

it's only £8 entry and there'll be other Deviants around to have fun with as well as lots of other activities and crazy anime and game stuff to buy! :D
hope some of you local deviants will be able to attend!

hope to see you there!
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bid ends in a few hours guys so grab them while you can! starting bids on 99p
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hey guys! long time without doing commissions but i'm putting up slots :) :
there's still slots open for anyone interested :D

(Wolves, people, anthro characters, dragons, OC's and much moooore :) )

Colour digital characters £20+ / $30+     eg.…
Colour traditional characters £15 / $22     eg.…
lineart characters £10 / $15 (traditional or digital)    eg.…
and pencil realisms of characters £20 / $30     eg.…

comment if you're interested, or send me a note.

also i have about 100 posters of some of the artwork in my gallery left over from previous events, i'll post more about it soon. again, note me or leave a comment if you wanna know which ones are available dudes :D gonna sell them at about £5-£10 each or you can buy them 3 for 2. they're most likely gonna be sold out after June though

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anyone heard of bournemouth or hertfordshire (uk) or study there? if so, tell me :D
aaand, are any of my watchers currently at uni?

hi guuuys. little update on everything! because i tend to not say much in my journals anymore!
Those of you who don't know, i'm currently at college studying art & design and english language in my final year.

Recently got offered a few conditional places at uni :) and really excited about it!

i think going to uni for 3D animation is going to be a great experience :D can't wait to finally push my art in a different direction. I think at this point i've kinda slowed down in putting up new deviations or even doing artwork outside of my college work. plus i feel i haven't really gotten better in a while!

anyways! hi to all my new watchers! :D sorry if i didn't thank you but don't get much time for it, sorryyyy. <3

and going to japan in... *counts* about 5 months! so all the artwork i'm selling atm, the money's going towards that :D
Will be selling some artwork here on the 27th and 28th February.
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I should be recording the whole thing. the canvas is ... pretty big... ermmm *measures* 80x80cm will be a painting of a fox for a college project.
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hope it's better than the last for everyone.
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sketches £10 each :D

1. :iconneltruin: - complete…
2. :iconneltruin: 2 - complete…
3. :iconretrogoldfish: - complete…
4. :iconnahhman: - waiting for further info
5. cairo - complete…

new: watched avatar last night in 3D, best movie ever XD

CHARACTER SKETCHES FOR £10 wolves, humans, horses etc. anything!

Money accepted through paypal, all sketches to be completed very quickly, so if you want to buy a picture as a christmas gift for someone it should be completed in time :D


i'm doing this only for a short time because i need some money to buy people christmas presents :D

for digital commissions or anything else please note me and i shall provide prices.

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turn 18 tomorrow :)
so... art lesson at 11:40
go to town at 12:40 to get ben and jerry's icecream
back to college for 3:50 and 4:10 art meetings
life drawing class 4:30 - 6:30
lift home and off out for a meal and drinking at 7

i'm gonna forget one of these things...
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well.. 1 view away, but thanks guys :D